What Makes Nepal Awesome?

The modest people of Nepal are holding a secret they are not shouting loud enough to the world!  Nepal is simply AWESOME for MOUNTAIN BIKING 

When the Indian and Euroasian Plates collided 50 million years ago, it created the world’s highest mountain range and a bona-fide playground begging to be explored by mountain bikers. Not much more than 30 years ago, intrepid bikers ventured out and began tapping into this high altitude wilderness’s potential for mountain biking.

But, with so many places to ride in other, more accessible countries, why should you come to Nepal? 

Nepal offers not only eminent riding, but the opportunity for adventure of epic proportions, exposure to the unique and colorful culture of Nepal, the chance to boast that you rode among the highest mountains in the world and make your mates jealous with your photographs of the breathtaking landscapes.  Not only this, its a well known fact the country is home to some of the friendliest people in the world. When you speak to travelers and ask them why they keep coming back, they tell you its a lot to do with the connection they made with these open and friendly people they met during the journey. 

The riding is epic, raw, natural and challenging in more ways than just the biking. Nepal has without question awesome trails, but it’s more than that! There are no bike parks here, no chairlifts or purpose built trails or smooth shuttles. Every trip is an adventure in itself. From the rugged bumpy roads, to the small planes or helicopters that access trail heads in remote regions. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the trails, loose, sandy tracks carve the valley walls, 1000 meter drop off keep your heart pounding as you flow down from snow line to river valley, losing over 1500 meters in altitude at anyone time.   Every turn in the trail makes you pause to take in the sheer size of the mountains you are riding amidst. 

Mountain Biking in Nepal is not just about the  adrenaline of technical trails or the satisfaction of flowy trails. It’s about local food, warm hospitality, exploring traditionally homes, experience the mystic of mountain monasteries,  and learning about the culture of the people who have carved out a living side by side with nature century after century hidden away in the mists, snows, summer rains and endless blue skies of the Himalayas.

While there are plenty of packages on offer that cover most of the hotspots and well ridden trails, the potential here is still largely untapped so you can still go on an “Off-Piste” adventure.

Most people that come to Nepal with an open mind, leave with a life-long connection to Nepal and a longing to get “high” on the trails of the Himalaya.

Here is a taste of what Nepal has to offer for mountain bikers:-

  • Helibike to remote mountain lakes and plateaus
  • Epic Descents of up to 3000m at a time
  • Challenging point to point xc rides and Bike packing adventures
  • Easy family pedaling around the Jungles of Chitwan
  • World Class Mountain Bike/Cycling Events.
  • Short trips that cover Epic Enduros, Uphill challenges to simple cultural rides around Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • Skilled and knowledgeable Guides
  • Access to world class equipment